Win your fantasy league on autopilot

The CIA for fantasy football that will make you win your league

Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence at the Service of Your Fantasy Team

Our advanced data analysis, trends and behavior engines use the latest techniques of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Analysis of each league day

We analyze all the matches and we recommend the best formation and alignment that you obtain the highest number of points each day.

Historical analysis

We analyze trends of the teams, of the players, both in their market value and in their scores.

Analysis of your team

Performance of each line (goalkeepers, defenses, midfielders, forwards). we recommend free players who would complete your lines with the best performance and we also recommend those that you must sell.

The best predictions

Future predictions of the market value of each player at 3, 7, 11, 15 and 20 days to improve investments in players and obtain the greatest benefits

Three-level analysis

We analyze data at the player level, at the team level and at the day level which generates a better vision when making decisions.

Analysis of your rivals

We inform you of each person's available money, their maximum bids, their market behavior, whether they will bid for a player or not and how much they will bid.

All the information you always wanted to have

Money from the rivals, future value of a player between 3 to 20 days, recommendations for buying and selling depending on the efficiency of the player, the next days and the needs of your squad.

Secure your bids by analyzing your rivals and tracking them in the market, find out if they will bid for a player and how much they will bid. You can adjust your bids so you don't pay too much.


Any Fantasy, any league, any statistic

We analyze data from any of the main Fantasy games: Comunio, Biwenger, Futmondo, Liga Fantasy Marca, Mister and Liga ProManager.

We take all possible statistics: price, player status, player streak, minutes played, starting games, reservations, minute of entry or exit to the field, pitches, goals, percentage of success ...


The best assistant for your daily fantasy activities

Our algorithm improves with the passage of time as it learns (through Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques) of the market and your rivals their behaviors in any situation.

100% Responsive
Visual analysis
Optimize your income
Do not overpaid for players
Keep your team under control
More points every league round

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know but you never asked.

What is the Beta Tester Program (BTP)?

The Beta Tester Program (BTP) allows the platform to come into operation before, but in a limited and private way (registration is not open to everyone) while it is being developed. This allows us to advance in the development of it but with the advice and opinions of Beta users who will see how it grows.

Why do I have to pay if it is a Beta application?

The payment of € 4.99 is a small amount that allows a mutual benefit to Beta testers, on the one hand, so that they are more active when they are asked to participate and take it more seriously and on the other hand we give them the advantage of lifetime acces for a single payment of €4.99 when the final price will be €10.99 per year.

Pricing $

Alpha Tester Program



Only for the first 2500 users who register

You will see the platform grow

You can suggest ideas and be part of the development

Access for life

Beta Tester Program



Only for the first 5000 users who register

You will see the platform grow

You can suggest ideas and be part of the development

Access for life




Renew subscription every year

It will be activated after the full development of the platform